The Jayden K Smith Facebook Hoax Taking Message Boxes By Storm

If you have received messages concerning friend requests from Jayden K. Smith, then you are among the thousands of other Facebook users who have. Although the good-natured individuals sending out the warnings have the best intentions, it might not be what you think.
The Jayden K Smith Facebook Hoax Taking Message Boxes by Storm
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There are always hoaxes to be found online. Some you don't need to search for because they find you. This can be said about the Jayden K. Smith Facebook hoax. 

There are many good-willed individuals out there on Facebook who are simply desiring to warn their friends of the potential to be hacked. However, the truth is, the real Jayden K. Smith users on Facebook aren't exactly hackers who want to take over your computer. They may, in fact, be victims of individuals starting the movement of viral messages.

Whether the person who started the warning message in the first place knows

the real Jayden K. Smith users or they made up the name, they certainly have gained fame for the real people. Unfortunately, it might not be the attention they wanted. Imagine if your own name came up in such a message stating that you were trying to hack other computers. Probably not the best situation to find
yourself in.

The good news is that there is information regarding this hoax. The Telegraph has stated that indeed this is just a viral message. You can find the information at .  There are other sources of information concerning this Facebook hoax as well. It would be a good idea to check out the details so you can pass along the news to your friends.

Please note that while anyone who sends it to their friends probably has good intentions, by doing this knowing that it is just a hoax, it may contribute to additional online panic. If you have already done so, you can let them know that the message is just one that has gone viral but that is not actually reality-based.

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